When I hear the phrase, ‘In an ideal world’, I have to admit it kind of sounds like, ‘In an idle world’, because what follows is a dreamy statement about having the time, ability, money to do what you’d like to do. Piffle. We’ve whizzed passed that early doors. You are a conscious decision driven capable creative writing student who wants to work harder than ever, overcome whatever your particular obstacles are and succeed.

Therefore in your creative writing student world we need to make time to think. Writing is about ideas and ideas only make sense through logical thoughts. Figure out what your mundane tasks are and or take on mundane part time work. Work where you do not need to think … much. I can recommend cleaning. Although I also took on driving work for a car repair company because as long as I can follow a Satnav I do some of my best thinking while driving on motorways.

This is a great way to earn money without getting side tracked. Carrying out an intern for a publishing company is an amazing opportunity but if you earn and learn you will get a much better result, less student debt and more chance of enabling the possibility of a paid internship later on.

You know it makes sense. Be patient. Do well. Take full advantage of this opportunity to study and feel confident that working hard always pays off. Get yourself a proper thinking-persons-job, cutting bra stitches in a factory, scrubbing car windshields, putting leaflets through letterboxes or cleaning your local village toilets. Be proud. I would earn £50 an hour teaching on a Friday and love it but that didn’t stop me smiling as I cleaned vomit from a bank window at 6.30am on a Sunday morning a few years back.

Tip : thinking-time jobs pay so much more than money. Rather than sit in front of a blank computer pondering on a plot, spend an hour leant over a buffering machine to polish a leisure centre floor and get paid to think.

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