I started this blog assuming the people attracted to it will be fellow creative writing students. What if you have stumbled in to this fridge of a website looking for ingredients to make the decision whether or not to embark on study?

Can I help?

Yes, I believe I can.  I graduated back in 2012 a slightly clueless slightly mature, immature student who wanted a degree to tick a box on a to do list. Part of my combined English degree was Creative Writing because I wanted something I would enjoy. No interest or intention of becoming a ‘writer’.

Turns out everyone writes in pretty much every job, obviously some a lot more than others. Signing your name for a shift hoovering a bowling alley at 5am isn’t necessarily groundbreaking writing. Incidentally one of my favourite jobs for creating space to think. Moreover studying creative writing will undoubtedly assist your career prospects … and confidence.

Embarking on any Creative Writing course is very much joining a mini foster family. You may not like everyone but you have to all interact and your teacher will ensure everyone is supportive of each other. Much like a parent. It is a different set up from some other studies. I am hugely bias.

Of course I am going to suggest you jump in to a study programme. Creative Writing is a craft that needs work and commitment to be good at much the same way that you can sit in front of a piano and hammer out an interesting tune but if you want to play well and more than once you need some practical learning.

Tip : consider where you are at already. I felt guilty because I was doing better than some of my friends on our course and they often worked twice as hard. It then occurred to me that unlike them joining our MA via different routes I had spent three years studying Creative Writing and working super hard to get to the level I was at.

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