I don’t care for the term ‘it ain’t over till …’ mainly because I only like the word ‘fat’ when discussing cuisine. However I really love the sentiment of this phrase. Let’s create a new one, right now – or in a few months when I have enough content to make this website live. Until comments are available let’s try … it isn’t over till … my pet rabbit runs me a bath?

Moving on … try not to see time as a fixed entity. It will really help calm your ability to write. You must have had occassions when you are on holiday and three days disappear like one or you are at work having to file papers in alphabetical order and it takes an age?

Bear that in mind everytime a deadline looms. Ignore the start of the course when it feels like you have forever and instead work like Billy ‘o’ in case (as it inevitably will) the deadline comes smashing round the next corner faster than Lewis Hamilton.

Alternately when the inevitable occurs and you find you have 36 hours to go and not a jot of writing to your name, slow time down in to chunks. Tell yourself that 36 hours is two thousand one hundred and sixty minutes, one hundred and twenty nine thousand six hundred seconds. Remind yourself that during your last 10 minute free-writing session in class you filled a page with words. Probably at least one hundred and fifty. That would make a pace of nine hundred words per hour. Heck in 36 hours you could have a 30,000+ word novella.

Tip : Think of time as a state of mind rather than a fixed entity. Stay chilled, set deadlines, understand that you are building strength. I set my first writing target at 500 words a day then within two weeks it increased each day until I hit over 2k in less than two hours. Then I started a new project and barely hit 200 words but it rose again. Peaks and troughs.

Bare in mind – it isn’t over till … my fish remembers my birthday …

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