I am currently completing my Creative Writing MA at Hertfordshire University. (I was offered a place at UEA but chose Herts because the teaching staff are amazing!) This is the second year of a part time programme and I now have until August 23rd to complete a 30,000 word prose dissertation with 3,000 rationale.

Part timers find this bit the toughest. Full timers find this bit the toughest. Last year not all of my cohort completed theirs on time to graduate with their classmates. This made me sad 😢 – not that sad … 😓, better.

I have three second year part timers and one full timer in the prose category with me. We’re doing our best to get each other to complete on time. Sadly one part timer knows already that she is deferring.

There are lots of websites from professional writers with outlandish claims that if you sign up to their newsletter you’ll be a famous published best selling author in no time. This is great but what if first, you simply want to do well in your Creative Writing studies?

How do you write essays academically yet retain a creative flair? What happens when you change your entire story for a 4k word assignment and only have two days to go? How can you earn enough money to eat and spend time writing? Are there really ways to earn money writing along the way?

My degree combined English Literature, Language and Creative Writing over three years, my Creative Writing MA has taken the last two years and I am completing a PhD proposal which means I will personally be a Creative Writing student for at least four more years.

So in a bid to humour myself, stay motivated and assist fellow sufferers I have set up this website for you to take a bite every now and again when you start flagging or need sustenance.

Not sure where it will lead but I hope to speak with lots of students and provide lots of practical advice. Plus I’ve been self-employed for like ever and find it incredibly easy to make money. I assume you’ll love that!

Well, a dissertation word count beckons … I’ll leave you to tuck in …

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