This isn’t technically about writing now, although looking at imagery in writing and how to do it well is an area I should look at in future. Instead this is a quick post inspired by my last one about choosing images to assist your work and or writing projects.

I don’t need to tell you media is huge.

We are living in a m-media world and I am a m-media girl, to misquote Madge – are you too young for this reference to be relevant? Gosh that feels depressing.

Don’t you just hate it when a word is mis-used. It’s clearly not depressing to think anyone reading this could be much younger than I but it is clever how using powerful words eject tone and voice in to a sentence.

Anywho, images images images. I may be teaching you to suck eggs here but there is such a thing as a creative commons cco which basically means that pictures bound by this are allowed to be used (for free) :-
You are free to adapt and use them for commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source.

There are many CCO sites where you can obtain video clips, photo’s, gifs, graphics and cartoons to ensure your project stands out and looks uber professional when you don’t physically have the time to fly half way across the world to take your own photo of an elephant. Oooh, I such want to know what your project is about. Love elephants!

Tip : if you are blogging, tweeting, facebooking or linking in use a form of media to increase your hit rate tenfold. I have used lots of sites but always return to my favourite –

Also if you are blogging see my last post for an extra tip on blog word lengths.

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