I’m keen that this website is full of positivity but I started it last Friday because I was struggling. 🤨

Writing is tough. I recently shared some interesting words with my classmates about writer’s block being a myth and how you should see writing as work and turn up each day to do just that. However, being in the correct frame of mind to jump in to a situation or character that may scare, intimidate, intrigue or inspire you is not always possible. Especially when your own head is confusing enough (for whatever reason) entering someone else’s can be harder than hard.

Does it have to be though? Can it be a good way to escape on a day you may be finding things difficult?

Last week was difficult because I get scared when my writing diverts in a different direction if I am struggling for whatever reason. That could be my best time to write though. For both my work and well being.

When I was younger and fearless I used writing every day to free some head space. It worked. So, I created this website to keep me going each time it gets tricky. May be you could try something similar?

Today wasn’t my most productive day, I have an empty can of Red Bull and half eaten box of chocolate eclairs to prove it. I kept going, reached out to class mates who are also doing their dissertations and got through with an extra thousand or so words.

Today’s tip : (from a friend who has two young children, terminal cancer and the warmest, kindest most positive spirit I’ve ever encountered) – I think we can safely say she is over qualified to provide today’s tip –

Here goes: Keep on keeping on …

Sometimes that’s enough.

Oh, one more little tip: If you do decide to blog about your writing to keep you from getting in a rut – try and make each post at least 300 words long and ideally no more than 1200. I work in marketing and google (giants of SEO thought process) detest posts shorter than 300 words. (Incidentally this post sat at 295 before I added this last tip, hence etc.)

And I beg you never blog without using a visual … I think I feel the next blog post coming along.

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