My novella about Holy Island is planned to stand at around 28k words, not a hope in hell of that getting published!

On our travels we stumbled on a closed abandoned theme park in Cleethorpes called Pleasure Island. My plan now is that my ‘novel’ will consist of three novella’s about Islands which aren’t quite Islands.

An exploration of things that aren’t always what they seem against things that are what they seem but perhaps shouldn’t always be.

It is classic horror but also tackles themes of immigration, prejudice, terrorism, cause and effect, power and manipulation of power and destructive life cycles.

I like the idea that the United Kingdom is an Island but we should remember to think of ourselves as part of the world rather than an Island. Still a work in progress but hopefully you get the gist.

Tip : I’m forever brainstorming and trying different ideas. I think I appreciate the fact that creative writing allows for you to change your mind several times as you manipulate your clay and form your completed stories. Try and stay very open minded that your early ideas could be scrapped or changed for better ones.

All of these pictures have just had a simple colour wash. Love love love horror set during daylight!

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