By some bizarre collision with the clouds and stars I have snuck on to a PhD course to begin this September. The fact I still have to double check whether to capitalise the P and D as opposed to the h tells too much about how ready I’m not.

It has been a long time since my last post. I’d love to say this was solely due to earning, saving, planning and preparing for the next 3+ years but you can safely add that I have also been hiding from the world a little too. My bad!

So now I will continue to use this site as my online diary, reflecting on my writing process to maintain a sense of wellbeing and connection. It also helps to alleviate the fear of throwing words out to others. I read that posting blogs no matter how spontaneous and unedited really helps you release your polished fiction when you need to.

I will try and stay open, aim to share things I wish to – even if that is simply to show some of the joy I experience daily – and in the process hope to assist anyone else endeavouring to delve into the world that is a creative writing student.

In a bid to share joy, here is a random photo of yesterday’s den when my 8 year-old decided he wanted to re-create the bunker we discovered at The Naze over the weekend.

It was a beautiful conclusion to a mixed bag of stress in the day.

p.s I did complete my dissertation on time in 2018 and graduated the MA with a distinction. Go me!

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